Donald Trump and Eric Branstad.

Donald Trump and Eric Branstad.

Donald Trump has hired Eric Branstad — the oldest son of Governor Terry Branstad — to head the Trump campaign’s Iowa effort.

Eric Branstad is a political consultant who has worked for a wide range of clients, like the “ONE” campaign launched by rock star Bono. Since December of 2014, Branstad has been head of a “pro-ethanol” group called “America’s Renewable Future.” The group campaigned against Texas Senator Ted Cruz before the Caucuses.

For the past two months, Eric Branstad’s father has been urging Iowa Republicans to unite behind Trump. During a speech at a party fundraiser in May, Governor Branstad yelled Trump’s campaign theme.

“We need to make America great again!” Branstad said toward the end of his speech.

The “avatar” on Eric Branstad’s Twitter account has been changed. It’s now a picture of Eric Branstad standing alongside a smiling Donald Trump.