Steve King (file photo)

Steve King (file photo)

Congressman Steve King says the top Republican in the U.S. House has made the wrong decision about the final weeks of this year’s election.

House Speaker Paul Ryan announced Monday he’ll no longer defend Donald Trump and will, instead, focus on trying to get Republicans elected to the House. King, who is on the ballot this year, says Republicans should “hold together” with Trump.

“If we pull together, if we persevere, if we are logical and rational and we say to our friends and neighbors: ‘Don’t get caught up in an audio tape when you have the evidence of all of this bad stuff that has flowed from the Clinton family for a long time,'” King says. “And even if that didn’t exist, ask yourself: ‘What will she do?'”

King says he does not support the things Trump can be heard saying on a 2005 recording, but King says he does support the policies Trump has proposed.

“The number one thing that launched Donald Trump into this nomination is his position on immigration which, by the way, matches mine. Mexico will do what? Pay for that wall!” King says.

King made his comments Tuesday during a rally in Newton with Trump supporters, who applauded and cheered his statements.

King’s Democratic opponent, Kim Weaver of Sheldon, says by sticking with Trump, King is putting “party before country.” According to Weaver, standing with Trump “does not represent Iowa values.”