Kurt Meyer, the chairman of Democrats in north central Iowa’s Mitchell County, may try again to become chairman of the Iowa Democratic Party.

“When you have a day like yesterday, then you do have the opportunity to say: ‘Well, let’s clear the decks. Let’s start afresh,'” Meyer told Radio Iowa today. “‘Let’s really take a different approach.'”

Nearly two years ago, Meyer unsuccessfully sought the volunteer job as party chairman, finishing second to current party chair Andy McGuire. Meyer argued at the time that Democrats were not paying enough attention to rural Iowa. Today, Meyer said party leaders must admit they face a challenge.

“Now obviously there’s an effort made to make sure we’re not throwing the baby out with the bath water,” Meyer said. “But I think the voters told us that they don’t like the bath water and, perhaps, they don’t like the baby either.”

The Iowa Democratic Party needs a “serious evaluation” of it’s message, not just it’s organizational effort, according to Meyer.

“The great thing about devastating loss that we suffered yesterday is we have the chance to sort of clear the decks and take a long and fresh look, because we have to get back in the game pretty quickly,” Meyer said.

If Meyers does seek the party chairmanship, he likely won’t be the sole competitor for the post. There’s a flurry of phone calls, text messges and emails floating around among Iowa Democrats today as others discuss seeking the position. Kim Weaver, the Democrat who ran against Steve King this year, told Radio Iowa last night she is considering running to be the next party chair.