Authorities in southwest Iowa arrested 50-year-old Christine Courtney Ryan of Red Oak on a host of charges after an armed standoff on Monday.

Montgomery County’s Communication Center received a 911 call from a home regarding a domestic disturbance. The caller stated his significant other fired a gun at him, chasing him from the residence. Red Oak police officers and Montgomery County sheriff’s deputies responded to the residence, where they met the caller and established a perimeter around the residence.

It was learned that Ryan was inside the residence, armed with several firearms and intoxicated. Residents in surrounding and adjacent homes were evacuated from their residences once officers learned of the type of weapons the suspect could be armed with.

Officers made several attempts to contact the suspect via telephone and patrol car PA system. Though contact was eventually made with Ryan after several calls, she refused to speak with anyone. After approximately an hour-and-a-half of negotiation attempts, officers breached the door and entered the residence.

Upon entry, officers located Ryan in a bedroom with multiple firearms. Offiers used a dog to arrest Ryan. She was then taken to Montgomery County Memorial Hospital for treatment from the dog’s bite. During treatment, Ryan allegedly assaulted three nurses by kicking them.

Ryan was then taken to the Montgomery County Jail, where she’s in custody on $10,000 bond for charges including: intimidation with a dangerous weapon, assault on a peace officer and/or health care worker, and interference with official acts.

(By Mike Peterson, KMA, Shenandoah)