A Council Bluffs man was among those killed by the gunman who opened fire at Fort Lauderdale’s airport Friday afternoon.

Fifty-seven-year-old Michael Oehme and his 52-year-old wife, Kari, were on their way to a Caribbean cruise, according to Omaha’s KETV television. Michael Oehme was shot in the head and died in the airport’s baggage claim area. His wife was shot in the shoulder and is expected to recover.

The Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that Michael Oehme was a surveyor who owned a firm called “Boundaryline Surveys” in Omaha. The newspaper found Kari Oehme’s Facebook profile, too. It indicates she’s a customer service representative for a telecommunications company.

Twenty-six-year-old military veteran Esteban Santigao has confessed to the airport shootings, according to the criminal complaint filed against him in Florida.