Dave Layton

Mayors in Iowa and across the nation are reading proclamations this week in support of national service.

Plans for the commemorations were in place before the Trump administration released a proposed budget that would eliminate funding for many of the service programs, such as Americorps and the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, known as RSVP.

The director of RSVP in the Quad Cities, Dave Layton, says these federally supported programs help out in schools and at times of disaster.

“No matter what is going on at the federal level, it’s very important for the community to understand that these valuable programs exist, and they’re helping to protect their children,” Layton says. While he’s not able to advocate for or against the president’s recommended budget, Layton says it is crucial for people to understand what national service programs do for communities.

“It is very important, and I think this is safe to say, that the community understands these services as they look…you know, how their Congress people are making decisions on this,” Layton says. Other federally supported service programs targeted by President Trump’s proposed budget include Meals on Wheels and Habitat for Humanity.

(Thanks to Iowa Public Radio’s Rob Dillard)