Just days after a popular meal site in Davenport opened at a new central city location, the city has forced it to close, citing zoning issues.

Pastor Jim Swope founded Timothy’s House of Hope eight years ago, naming it for his late son. The meal site served between 2,000 and 4,000 breakfasts a month at its prior downtown location.

Swope acquired the new property on behalf of the nonprofit Compassion Church. But that has disturbed the owners of some nearby businesses and Alderman Ray Ambrose, who says the church lied about its plans and that a homeless outreach center does not fit into his vision for the district.

Swope told KWQC-TV that Ambrose told him he doesn’t want bums in the area. The property is zoned as a commercial district.  That permits a church to operate there but does not allow services to the homeless. Swope says he is considering legal action.

(By Phil Roberts, Davenport)