Iowans who are looking for full-time work and students who need a summer job can find plenty of options through a state agency.

Jennifer Andrade, at Iowa Workforce Development, suggests starting with the website

“You can take a look at the job description, what are the day-to-day responsibilities for that career, what training might be required for it, who are the employers in your area that would hire for that or are hiring right now,” Andrade says. “It will tell you typical wages in your area, your region or across the state, how many people might be retiring out of that position so, what the future demand is going to be.”

Another program that’s designed to help job-seekers is called the Iowa Registered Apprenticeship program.

“Our young people go to college, the traditional format, and gain a lot of student debt and may or may not get a good paying job after college,” she says. “The Registered Apprenticeship model offers a way to work for a business, start earning wages from day one and the business is investing in the apprentice to provide that technical training and education as well as that on the job experience under a mentor.”

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By Brian Fancher, KLMJ, Hampton