Summer starts in a week and many thousands of Iowans are making plans for road trips.

Nick Jarmusz at AAA-Iowa, says the auto club expects to field nearly 7 million calls nationwide during the summer months from customers with various car troubles.

Jarmusz says, “Most calls that we expect to get, based on our history, is for dead batteries, vehicle lockouts and folks experiencing tire issues whether it’s a flat tire or a blow-out.” To avoid some of those problems, Jarmusz suggests getting your vehicle inspected -before- heading out on any long trips, especially where the rubber meets the road.

“Making sure your tires are in good working order, that they’re not fraying or cracking and that you’ve got adequate tread depth and that you’ve got the proper tire pressure for them,” he says. Iowans know to plan carefully for breakdowns if they’re on the road during the harsh winter months, but Jarmusz suggests getting your vehicle checked out before you hit the road this summer, too.

“Summer travel can be just as difficult on your vehicle in a lot of ways, especially in the extreme heat,” Jarmusz says. “That can impact your vehicle just as much as the extreme cold can.” Plus, he says keeping an emergency kit in your trunk with food, water, a flashlight, flares, a first aid kit, blankets and other supplies is still a good idea.