Democrat Nate Boulton has suspended his campaign for governor, nearly 24 hours after he met with The Des Moines Register to respond to allegations of sexual misconduct.

The newspaper published accusations from three women who say Boulton touched them inappropriately. Boulton’s first response was an apology. A few hours later during a WOI TV interview, Boulton said he was hurt and surprised.

Last night, three of Boulton’s competitors for the Democratic Party’s nomination for governor said he should exit the race.

This morning, Boulton ended his campaign. Boulton offered another apology to those who he “harmed in any way.” Boulton also added that his task moving on will be to make something positive of this moment as he said “we” all strive to be the better people.

Boulton effectively quit the race, but officially suspended his campaign. That means he’ll be able to settle bills and issue a final paycheck to his campaign staff.

Statement from Nate Boulton:

“I am so proud of the campaign that my staff, my supporters, and I ran in the past year,” said Boulton. “I was and still am inspired every day by the people who have chosen to fight alongside me in the Senate and on the campaign trail to share a positive vision forward for this incredible state of Iowa.”

“Democrats must win in November so we can begin to turn our state around,” said Boulton. “We join together to support the nominee and elect Democrats up and down the ticket. I will do all II can to support that mission and will never stop fighting for progressive causes.”

“These the last 48 hours have been trying. I again offer an apology to those whom I have harmed in any way. It is my hope there is some positive that can come from this moment as we strive to be the better people we can be in the coming days, weeks, months, and years. I know that will be my task moving on from here.”

“Thank you to everyone who stood with me in this campaign, especially the countless working families of the labor movement who joined me in this race and must now continue to fight for their way of life in this state. While I depart this campaign for governor with a heavy heart, I remain resolved to the greater cause creating a future Iowa we all can be proud to call our home.”