The city council in Wall Lake plans to sell items inside an elementary school that closed last year.

Chris Rodman, the city clerk in Wall Lake, says past students and city residents have been inquiring about several of the objects.

“Some of the stuff was actually put in the building in 1923 and so it’s really, really old,” he says. “I think that’s the biggest draw for people. They think it looks neat.”

Rather than sell to the first person who asks, Rodman says the city council is organizing an open, public sale.

“We’ve got a list of items that we believe people will want to purchase out of the building,” Rodman says. “And when I say, ‘the building’ I’m talking about the 1923 addition.”

Everything from old doors to radiators to clocks are on the list. The city council meets Monday and will make a decision on when and how the items go up for sale. The city has received a nearly $122,000 state grant to help convert the building into a recreation center. There’s to be a “Comet Room” in the building to house mementoes from the former Wall Lake High School. Wall Lake is now part of the East Sac County Community School District and the high school is in Lake View.

(By Nathan Konz, KCIM, Carroll)