Deidre DeJear. (campaign photo)

Deidre DeJear, the Democratic candidate for governor, says she’s looking for a running mate with government experience.

DeJear plans to reveal her choice for lieutenant governor at the Iowa Democratic Party’s state convention tomorrow. “It is a critical decision because I’m of the mindset that we’ve got to operate as a team and that person is going to be my teammate and Iowa’s teammate every step of the way,” DeJear said last Friday during an appearance on “Iowa Press” on Iowa PBS.

DeJear has had roles in several statewide campaigns — including her own race for secretary of state four years ago. She owns a consulting company in Des Moines and has worked with small businesses, non-profits and charities. DeJear said she’s looking for a running mate who has experience from inside government entities.

“I have worked alongside government, from the federal government all the way down to the municipal levels, but I’ve been on the outside working with government,” DeJear said. “I’d like an individual to balance me with that experience in working within, so that we can truly work collectively as a team as we seek to resolve the challenges that Iowans are facing.”

Current Lieutenant Governor Adam Gregg was re-nominated to be Governor Kim Reynolds 2022 running mate at last weekend’s Iowa GOP state convention.

In 2018, Democratic gubernatorial nominee Fred Hubbell, a Des Moines businessman, chose Rita Hart, a farmer and state senator from eastern Iowa, as his running mate. In 2014, Des Moines real estate developer Jack Hatch and Cedar Rapids City Council member Monica Vernon were the Democratic Party’s ticket for governor and lieutenant governor.  In 2006, former Iowa Ag Secretary Patty Judge ended her campaign for governor before the June Primary and became Chet Culver’s running mate. The Culver-Judge ticket won in 2006, but lost in 2010.