A man who arranged heroin and fentanyl distribution in eastern Iowa that led to a near-fatal overdose was will spend more than 33 years in federal prison.

Forty-year-old Derrick Trawick from Chicago was found guilty by a jury in January of aiding and abetting the distribution of heroin and fentanyl near a playground. The trial evidence showed that Trawick was a heroin dealer in Dubuque who was nicknamed “Worm” and “KG.”

He sold a bag that contained heroin and fentanyl in May of 2019 that caused one of the users to suffer an overdose and she stopped breathing for several minutes. She regained consciousness after being given Narcan. Evidence presented at sentencing also showed that Trawick sold large quantities of ice methamphetamine in Dubuque and had previously been convicted of six other felony crimes, including aggravated criminal sex abuse and domestic abuse assault causing injury.