Republican Governor Kim Reynolds and Democratic challenger Deidre DeJear are both talking about a Reynolds campaign ad that briefly features a Missouri congresswoman.

Reynolds recited part of the ad script to the crowd at her fundraiser this past weekend. “When you’re watching the news and you see what’s happening, you have to wonder: Has the rest of the country lost its mind?” Reynolds asked.

Twenty-four hours later, DeJear talked about the ad at an Iowa Democratic Party fundraiser.

“When I first saw the ad, I’ll be honest — I was like: ‘Oh! She’s got a real cute look alike for me,'” DeJear said, drawing laughter from the crowd. “I lean in and realize it’s a congresswoman from another state, a congresswoman who on that specific issue in that ad, we have a difference of opinion.”

The woman in the ad is Cori Bush of St. Louis, a Black Lives Matter activist who has called for defunding the police.

Reynolds did not mention DeJear’s name during her speech this weekend. “She won’t stand with law enforcement when it matters,” Reynolds said, after referring to DeJear as “my opponent.”

DeJear has said she opposes calls to defund the police. DeJear urged Democrats who have opposing views on the concept to unite behind all Democratic candidates. “We are not going to allow anybody to divide us, despite the differences of opinion,” DeJear said late Sunday afternoon at the Iowa Democratic Party’s fundraiser.

There are 36 days left in the 2022 campaign.