Deer are on the move this time of year. (DNR photo)

An Iowa DNR deer research specialist says several factors are causing deer to be more active this time of year and motorists should be on the lookout.

The first bowhunting season is underway and Jace Elliott says that is one thing that will increase movements. “It certainly will. You know, as more hunters enter the woods, it will slightly disrupt your movements. And yeah, we will see deer maybe change their habits a bit due to hunting pressure,” Elliott says.

He says changes in habitat or food availability — like the acorns falling — are going to move deer into areas with mature oaks. The start of the harvest will also push deer. “That’s going to move deer — you know transition them mostly from agricultural fields into the timber,” he says.

Dropping temperatures with chilly mornings can also have an impact. “And we’re certainly going to see a lot more movement during morning and evening time,” Elliott says. He says you should be on the lookout for deer during the dawn and dusk times of the day to avoid any collisions.

Radio Iowa