Chris McGowan. (Siouxland Chamber photo)

Tyson foods has announced plans to move all of its corporate employees from Dakota Dunes, South Dakota, Chicago and Downers Grove, Illinois to its world headquarters in Springdale, Arkansas.

That could impact as many as 550 Tyson employees in the Sioux City area. Those employees have been given until November 15th to decide on moving to Springdale or leave the company.

The president of the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce Chris McGowan responded to the announcement.
“I want to state emphatically that the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce will do everything in our power to minimize the adverse impact on our Siouxland Community. We will work tirelessly with those employees who have been affected and want to find employment, so that they in their families can remain in our community,” McGowan says.

He says the area will rally around the Tyson employees. “This is one of those times where we see Siouxland come together. It is in the most challenging of circumstances throughout our history that we’ve come together as a community — and I will expect that that will be the case in this instance as well,” he says.

A Tyson statement says the company will expand their world headquarters, which will include indoor and outdoor spaces designed to foster collaboration, connection and creativity. Tyson’s statement says team members will begin the phased relocation in early 2023.

(By Woody Gottburg, KSCJ, Sioux City)