A 26-year-old Fairfield woman is under arrest after authorities say she barricaded herself inside a house with a three year old boy.

The stand-off started at about 2 a.m. today after a man called Fairfield Police to report his girlfriend had assaulted him and forced him out of the house, but his son was still inside. Police say after they contacted the woman, she threatened to shoot officers. Negotiators were able to secure the safe release of the child.

After the woman stopped speaking with negotiators, officers entered the house with a police dog. According to a news release from police, Sherry Thomas-McCabe was found in a hidden compartment in a crawl space, armed with a loaded AR-15 style rifle. She was arrested at about 8 a.m. and charged with second offense domestic assault, two felony gun charges and interference with official acts.

(By Steve Smith, KMCD, Fairfield)