Good weather has allowed the harvest to continue moving ahead at a good pace.

Forest City Farmers Coop Director Randy Broesder says on the bean side farmers most of the beans are harvested and farmers are looking to hold them. “Right now we’re probably storing about 75% of them, are going to storage,” he says.

The corn harvest continues and he says they are seeing a little different conditions than in years past. “Corn we’re probably about 70% done,” he says. ” It’s a little wetter than last year. The average moisture is about 18 to 21 right now that’s coming into the elevator.” He says that an improvement of two to three points on the moisture from where they were at the beginning for the harvest.

Corn is following suit for the soybeans when it comes to yield numbers. “Yields are very, very good. I have had people say it’s their best yield — and I have had people say that two years ago was better then this year,” according to Broesder. “So overall it’s a very, very good crop. We’ve been in the garden spot.”

Officials continue to urge caution when driving near fields which are being harvested and urge you to continue to look out for slow moving vehicles.

(By A. J. Taylor, KIOW, Forest City)