The Marketplace open enrollment period for people who don’t have health insurance ends this weekend.

Regional Administrator Sharon Graham says there’s still time to sign up. “It’s ending on January 15th. So that’s this Sunday, January 15th. And that will be the last time that people can enroll in quality, affordable health coverage for this year, with coverage effective on February 1st,” Graham says.

She says a new law provides more help for those seeking insurance. “And they may find that they’re available for even more financial assistance than before. And when you go to our at, it’s a really straightforward application. You’ll need some information that includes, for example, your family size and your tax records, because you’ll need to enter your income,” she says.

Graham says if you are not comfortable signing up online — you can call 800-318-8259. “That number is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and even has up to 200 different languages available for people. And then lastly, if people do want an option to meet with somebody face to face, we have counselors who are right there in the community called navigators and assisters,” according to Graham. “And you can find one right there in your community by going to and selecting a button that says ‘Find Local Help’, and then you can find a navigator in your community to help you sign up too.”

She says  it is important you sign up by the deadline or you will miss out. After January 15th, it’s only with based on an exceptional circumstance. like perhaps if you move for example, or if you have a situation change in your family, that you might be able to sign up for health coverage,” she says.

She says you should go to as soon as you can and review the options available before the deadline.

Radio Iowa