February 10, 2016

Remains found in Sac City could be former home owner

Mark Koster

Police believe human remains found in a northwest Iowa home Monday are likely that of the home’s previous owner. The man, 58-year-old Mark Koster, went missing in July 2009.

The skeletal remains were found as the new owner of the property in Sac City was cleaning the basement.

Sac City Police Chief John Thomsen says “all signs” point to the remains being that of Koster. “Common sense would tell you it’s a very good possibility it’s him, but we have no idea. I mean, he had another subject who was supposedly living with him at the time,” Thomsen said.

An autopsy is being performed by the state medical examiner. Thomsen said investigators never determined who may’ve been living with Koster and nothing suspicious was found in his home back in 2009.

“There was a search and there were several things that led us to believe he left the residence,” Thomsen said. “There was a quick initial search done by us and the Iowa Division of Criminal of Investigation, mainly to find DNA, fingerprints or anything we could put in the system for Mr. Koster. There was a search done, but nothing was found and there were no signs of foul play anywhere in the residence.”

No one has lived in the home since Koster disappeared. He was declared legally dead in October 2011. Koster’s family sold the home in May.

Thomsen said the new owner planned to remodel and resell the home.

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