February 9, 2016

Plans for online test raise concerns for state prison director

A nationwide agency plans to make the test required for those who want a high school degree but who didn’t finish high school available only online. That is causing some issues for the Department of Corrections where prisoners are encouraged to get their GED as part of their rehabilitation.

But Department of Corrections Director, John Baldwin, says they don’t like to give inmates access to the worldwide web.

“We’re not real big on inmates having access to the internet, which is the way I would say it with great charity. So, we’re working with a lot of folks trying to solve that problem . But it will only be internet-based in 2014,” Baldwin says.

He says they’re consulting with I-T experts and others to come up with a workaround. Baldwin says it will likely have a proctor load the exam onto individual computer that is restricted in what it can do.

“At that time it’ll be completely locked down to only what’s loaded onto the pc,” Baldwin explains. “We hope that solves the problem of offenders having access to the internet which we do not want at this time.” Baldwin talked about the problem during a budget hearing at the statehouse.

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