February 10, 2016

Pet-and-human water fountains being installed in Grinnell parks

The City of Grinnell is installing water fountains for humans and for their pets.

“We have purchased, the last couple of years, some pet-and-human drinking fountains,” says Kelly Rose, parks and recreation director for the City of Grinnell. “Unfortunately they’re pretty expensive to install. It’s about a $2000 project getting all the plumbing and piping there.” we have four that are scheduled to be installed.”

The city plans to install four of these water fountains at four different parks in Grinnell.

“It’s a short dish on the ground for the pets and it’s a tall portion for humans, so great, great addition and we already spent the $8000 to purchase them,” she says. “They’re just sitting there, waiting to be installed.”

Grinnell sits just north of Interstate 80, halfway between Des Moines and Iowa City. Grinnell officials are searching for a site for a “dog park” that would could be a draw for travelers along the interstate.

“You see ’em all over,” Rose says. “They’re very popular.”

Dog parks are generally fenced in areas where pets may roam free, without a leash. Some dog parks, like the CM Dog Park in Davenport and the Boone Dog Park, require fees. The Prairie Pastures Dog Park in Clinton has an agility course for dogs. Some dog parks also have separate areas for small dogs and large dogs.

(Reporting by Chris Johnson, KGRN, Grinnell)

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