The American Farm Bureau says food prices went up in their latest quarterlysurvey. Dave Kelley tracks the average prices paid for sixteen items in thebureau survey.The price of the items increase 87-cents over the second quarter to anaverage of 32-dollars and 92-cents. Kelley says the increase is typical offor this time of year as supplies of some items run near the end of thesummer.Kelley says the historic low prices for farm comodities aren’t a factor inthe cost of the groceries.Prices dropped 82-cents in the second quarter of this year. Kelley says it’shard to say where prices will go next.If he were to predict, Kelley thinks it will cost you less to buy the itemsin the coming months.Eleven of the 16 items in the survey increased in price in the third quarter.The largest increases: Potatoes jumped 33-cents to one-dollar andninety-one-cents for a five-pound bag and eggs jumped 15-cents to one dollara dozen.