President Bush has made up his mind on whether to allow federal funding of embryonic stem cell research and will announce his decision tonight.The head of the University of Iowa’s department of anatomy and cell biology will be watching the address. Mary Hendrix testified in Washington earlier this month about stem cell research. It’s is believed the stem cells might lead to cures for such things as Alzheimer’s disease. She says the most advantageous decision for science would be approval for embryonic and adult stem cell research. She says they haven’t realized the full benefit of stem cell research yet.Hendrix says the President’s approval would ensure the research is out in the open by allowing scientists to conduct the research with the proper oversight.She says the use of embryonic cells have raised the most concerns.While some have criticized President Bush for taking his time to decide the issue, Hendrix credits him with taking a thoughtful approach to the issue. Hendrix says the President has spoken extensively with people on both sides of the issue.President Bush will make his stem cell announcement tonight at 8 o’clock Iowa time in a nationwide television address.