The Iowa Corn Growers and Living History Farms are teaming up to spotlight the modern-day contributions of corn. The “Corn Harvest” festival September 29th and 30th at the outdoor agricultural museum in Urbandale will showcase products that’re made from corn.Edith Munro, the Iowa Corn Growers’ communications manager, says a big tent display will feature modern farm machinery, equipment that makes ethanol, and new products made from corn. She says they hope to reach several thousand people and tell them about Iowa corn. Munro says recycled paper depends upon corn fiber for its strength. There are at least three thousand items in your grocery store which feature corn or a derivative of the crop. The Living History Farms display will show what can be made from a bushel of corn.Munro says a bushel of corn is enough to make 38 boxes of corn flakes, or 324 cans of soda pop.Wind breakers, socks, t-shirts made of a corn-based fabric will be on display. The clothing’s being shipped in from Japan.