Work is on schedule to upgrade Highway 151 in eastern Iowa. The D-O-T’s Cathy Cutler says within two years, the Cedar Rapids to Dubuque stretch will be a non-stop, four-lane corridor, despite weather delays in bridge construction.The contractors also have work in other areas, but they’ve come back from the other jobs to work on this one. All parts of the new roadway should be complete by the end of 2003. Cutler says folks in Linn, Jones and Dubuque counties have been patient with the road project, for the most part.She says some are glad to see the road go through, some not, but the right-of-way work is getting done on time. Cutler says the road will give drivers a nice four-lane cruise, though they should be warned that unlike Interstates, the intersections will be “at-grade.”The newly improved roads are flatter and have fewer curves, but people may assume they can go faster because of that. Culver says drivers should remember to heed posted speed limits.