The democrat who hopes to win Iowa’s new fourth district congressional seat holds a fundraiser tomorrow near DeSoto. Forty-three-year-old John Norris of Ames resigned his job as Governor Tom Vilsack’s chief of staff to make the run. He says there are a number of issues that Iowa is concerned about that Iowa isn’t addressing — such as prescription drug benefits for Medicare recipients.The incumbent is republican Congressman Tom Latham of Alexander, but Latham says he’s not really an incumbent because it’s a new district. Norris says it’s a chance for the people of the new district to elect their own leader.Norris says farm policy will be a key difference between he and Latham.Norris has served as chairman of the Iowa Democratic Party and a campaign manager and chief of staff for Congressman Leonard Boswell. When Norris lived in Greenfield, he was involved in Jesse Jackson’s Iowa campaigns.