The American Red Cross is now offering to refund donations given after the September 11th attacks, but few Iowans are jumping at the opportunity. Bobbie Bishop, spokeswoman for the Central Iowa chapter, says several people have called with concerns about how the money is being spent.She says only a couple of Iowans have gotten their money refunded. Some people are critical of the way post-attack contributions are being managed by the Red Cross. Bishop says the overwhelming majority of callers who’ve contacted her chapter with concerns have been reassured. She says once they hear the facts about how the dollars are spent, they believe the money is helping those who’ve been affected.Reports say about a half-billion dollars has been donated to the Red Cross since nine-eleven, and about 200-million is being held in reserve in case of future attacks. Bishop says the agency is still working to help those affected by the September 11th attacks here in the Hawkeye State.In Iowa alone, about 40 people are receiving Red Cross assistance after losing next of kin in the attacks, and the search is continuing for others. Bishop says the Red Cross has been responding to disasters for 120 years, in part, through the help of volunteers — like the 20-thousand now in reserve.