Despite state budget cuts, about 40 state troopers are patrolling the State Fairgrounds this year, arresting underage drinkers, those who’ve over-indulged in drink, and any other troublemakers. Sergeant Robert Hansen, Iowa State Highway Patrol spokesman, says about 10 troopers work during the day. Tax dollars aren’t paying the troopers. The Fair Board picks up the tab.The Fair covers the troopers’ salaries, travel expenses and pays for their hotel rooms. Hansen says the patrol began its rounds on the Fairgrounds about a quarter century ago.Hansen says the complaint 25 years ago was that things on the Fairgrounds got a little rough after dark, but he says now, families can feel comfortable on the grounds at all hours.Hansen says the number of arrests on the Fairgrounds has been steadily declining over the past 10 years, and he says troopers really don’t encounter many big problems at the Fair.Hansen says troopers will probably deal with about 150 incidents this year. Many will be alcohol-related; a few will be domestic arrests.