From the tiny Mexican hairless to the hulking Great Dane, more than two thousand dogs and their handlers are headed for Des Moines this week from virtually every state in the U-S and many foreign countries. One organizer, Patrice Peterson-Keys, says part of the four-day event entails what’s essentially a dog beauty pageant.Peterson-Keys is training director for the Des Moines Obedience and Training Club, which is hosting the Des Moines Dog Show at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. In addition to the “beauty” segment, she says dogs will be graded on obedience. She says the novice class will be tested on things like walking on a leash, sitting, staying and coming when called.Peterson-Keys says dog-lovers in Iowa don’t often get to see this wide an array of canines in one place, other than in a dog encyclopedia.There’ll be about 150 different breeds shown. The show begins Friday and runs through Monday. Judging begins each day at 8 A-M.