The parents of an Ames native who was one of the September 11th victims will speak at a special ceremony in an Ames park today.Retired Episcopal priest Doug Haviland and his wife, Betty, were on hand yesterday at a ceremony honoring their son, Tim, and the other Iowa victims of 9/11. Betty Haviland, who describes herself as the mother of eight, now seven children, says she’s grateful to the people of Iowa for their messages and prayers of support. She’s made a discovery in the past year.She found Tim had touched so many lives, and she says the family remembers that with thanksgiving. Tim’s mom says her son would have a strong reaction to the ceremonies which honor him and others who died a year ago.Mrs. Haviland says he’s probably laughing because he wasn’t much for pomp and circumstance or jingoism. Haviland says her son would “froth at the mouth” about the loss of civil liberties and racism against Arab Americans in the wake of the attacks. Doug Haviland says they’ve reached a new stage in their grieving process. Haviland says the shock has worn off, and sadness has taken over. Haviland is concerned the U-S isn’t reaching out more to the Muslim world. Betty Haviland says she’s with her husband on that score all the way.Mrs. Haviland says we have to learn to get along and reach out to Muslims and find a means of common humanity. Mr. Haviland says he’ll use today’s speech to express his appreciation to those who’ve touched their lives in the past year.Mrs. Haviland says they’ve been “strengthened by this sense of community which is Iowa at its best.” Tim Haviland worked on the 96th floor of World Trade Center Tower One. John Cleere of Newton; Waverly, Iowa native Karen Kincade; and Michael Pinley, a Council Bluffs native, also died in the 9/11 attacks.