The U-S House and Senate today begin formal debate on a resolution giving President Bush authority to use military force against Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says the President made a good argument in his address to the nation last night.President Bush called Hussein the world’s greatest threat to peace. Bush says he will use the full power of the United States military if Iraq does not disarm. Grassley says the President made a solid case for action in the Middle East, as destabilization there causes economic trouble here. Grassley says Bush spelled out clearly that he hopes to avoid military action to oust Saddam Hussein. In 1991, Grassley was among two Senate Republicans who opposed the use of military force in Iraq. Grassley says 11 years of seeing Hussein break promises and laws are more than enough to convince him that embargoes, sanctions and diplomacy aren’t working.Grassley expects a Senate vote on the resolution by week’s end and he expects it to pass by as much as 80-to-20.