The Iowa Department of Natural Resources has a new specially designed trailer that allows people in wheelchairs to hunt.The trailer features a small shed that’s perched on top of a hydraulic lift. D-N-R safety program supervisor Rod Slings says the lift can raise the shed up to become a blind for deer hunting. He says the lift can raise the building up to 20 feet into the air, and can accommodate a wheelchair. Slings says the lift known as the “Huntermaster,” provides an opportunity for people in wheelchairs to hunt deer which they didn’t have before.He says it keeps the hunter out of the elements, and a volunteer can fit in the shed with the hunter and help once a deer has been shot. Slings says the “Huntmaster” lift was purchased with donated money from a nation beer brewer. He says they hope to eventually acquire five more lifts to have one for every D-N-R enforcement district in the state. He believes there will be a lot of interest in using the lift. Slings says they’re still working out a way to let people use the lift. He says they’re putting together an advisory committee to work out the details.For more information, contact the D-N-R.