Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack is in Washington, D.C. today at a meeting of the Democratic Governors Association. Vilsack says they’re pushing the republicans that control the national agenda to give democrats a chance for input.He says they met with Secretary Ridge on Homeland Security issues and talked about a partnership where the Federal government provides the resources to enable the states to do their job. He says economic opportunity and economic growth are important to all governors too. Vilsack says he has a clear goal in the economic opportunity message.He says both democrats and republicans need a comprehensive rural development program.Vilsack says the Democrat Governors’ Association will have a bigger role in the Democrat Party issues in the coming year.He says governors are more involved in communicating the democratic message, including providing the democratic response to the President’s radio message, and helping the planning for the 2004 convention. Vilsack is expected to be elected Vice-chairman of the group and will eventually take over as Chairman.