An Iowa State University from Malaysia who pleaded guilty to stealing some panties from another student has lost his appeal of his burglary conviction. On August 12th, 1998, an Iowa State student awoke to find an intruder in her room. The guy, who turned out to be Kok-Chang Wong, ran but was caught after a chase. Once cops got there, they found a pair of the woman’s underwear tucked in his clothes. Wong pleaded guilty to burglary and was placed on probation, but his probation was revoked because Wong was charged with a burglary in Texas. Wong was sentenced to jail and ordered to pay a one-thousand dollar fine. The Iowa Court of Appeals has ruled the court messed up on the fine, and has ordered a new trial on that account, but has said Wong doesn’t have a case in claiming his lawyer messed up because Wong didn’t get to talk with officials from Malaysia about the case.