Bridgestone/Firestone announced Tuesday it will build a new global distribution center for its Firestone agricultural tire division in Des Moines. Division president Ralph Burchfield says the new center will allow them to improve the way they ship the tires made at the Des Moines plant. He says they’re now using multiple warehouses and want one global distribution center to send out tires to North America and 70 countries. Burchfield says the massive center will handle orders for 15-pound tires for utility vehicles, all the way up to 15-hundred pound tires that supply the rubber for four-wheel-drive tractors.He says the 850-thousand square feet facility will be the company’s largest distribution center in the United States. Burchfield says there will be some new jobs created, but he can’t say how many. He says they’re going to have a logistics company run the plant and that company will hire some people. Burchfield says Firestone has a rich history with Des Moines, and that’s why they decided to build the center here. Burchfield says the new plant will generate between 10 and 12-million dollars in business for contractors.