Weather permitting, a handful of presidential hopefuls will be traveling the state this weekend and on Monday. Things kick off Saturday when Carol Moseley-Braun, the first black woman elected to the United States Senate, speaks in Des Moines at an event organized by a group that’s promoting the idea of electing a woman as president. Moseley-Braun, who’s from Illinois, served one term in the Senate and after she lost her bid for reelection President Clinton appointed her U.S. Ambassador to New Zealand. On Saturday night, Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich will deliver a speech at Drake University entitled “Why This War Is Bad for America.” Early Monday afternoon, former Vermont Senator Howard Dean will deliver his own foreign policy speech at Drake, at about the same time as two other candidates — Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman and South Carolina Senator John Edwards — meet privately with democrat legislators at the Statehouse. Then, late Monday the four candidates — Kucinich, Lieberman, Edwards and Dean — will speak to delegates at the Iowa Federation of Labor convention.