The state Transportation Commission has approved rules giving Iowans who’re being called to military duty more time to renew their driver’s license. Dave Stutz of the D-O-T says there normally are restrictions on when you can renew your license. Normal rules allow you to renew your license 30 days before or 60 days after it expires. He says there is a one year exception for people who may be traveling which allows them to renew a year early. Stutz says the emergency rule approved Tuesday gives the D-O-T more leeway to renew licenses for military personel on a case-by-case basis. Stutz says the rule wasn’t changed back in 1991 as it wasn’t as big an issue in the Gulf War, but so many Iowans have been activated recently that the D-O-T felt it was an important rule change. It’ll go into effect Friday. Also yesterday, the Iowa Senate gave final legislative approval to a three-dollar increase in the fee for obtaining a driver’s license. Governor Vilsack will be presented the bill soon. The extra money will be used to buy the D-O-T a new computer system.