While President Bush’s tax cut proposal was cut in half during last week’s congressional debate, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley is confident many of those cuts will be restored.Grassley says there are “too many people on the liberal side of the aisle who would rather have the money to spend than to give back to the taxpayers.” He says the basic philosophy of those liberals is that “they think they know better how to spend the money than individual taxpayers.” Grassley, a Republican, says “The tax package will not be a war casualty. It will be cut some, not because of war,” but because of liberals who are oblivious to the need to create more jobs. He says on many accounts those people are intellectually dishonest or ignorant of the way to build a strong economy.Senate Republicans will try this week to persuade moderate senators to swallow an additional 230-billion-dollars in tax cuts to salvage President Bush’s corporate dividends tax cut. The argument might not get much traction among hesitant senators of either party who voted last week to cut the president’s economic growth program in half. Others seem to agree with the argument that lawmakers should pick the best policies first, then determine the price tag on the year’s tax cuts.