An Iowa National Guard unit’s had its ticket to Southeast Asia cancelled. Guard spokesman Colonel Robert King. He says the first battallion 133rd infantry soldiers headquartered from Council Bluffs and other southwest Iowa cities will not be going to Southeast Asia. King says they’re still watching to see if another mission comes up. King says the combination of the quick end to the war in Iraq and diplomatic dealings led to the change in plans. He says the soldiers, who’ve been preparing to leave the country, are now getting ready to go home. He says they’re rolling with the changes as quickly as they can, working to activate troops when the order comes and to dismiss the soldiers when their callup is canceled. King says these soldiers may never have to go on any federal active duty. He says this is the end of it for the 250 soldiers and hopefully they can go back to the lives and jobs they had before the callup a few weeks ago. The soliders were scheduled to leave May 27th.