An Iowa woman’s story that led to the creation of a farm safety organization can now be seen on video. Marilyn Adams created “Farm Safety 4 Just Kids” in 1987, a year after her 11-year old son Keith suffocated in a wagon full of grain on the family farm near Earlham. The organization expanded to include chapters across the U-S and Canada — promoting the message of safety for farm kids. It later led her to write the book “Rythm of the Seasons, a journey beyond loss” describing how she turned the tragedy of her son’s death into the quest to prevent the death of others. A safety instructor at a University in Florida who required her students to read Adams’ book, asked her to make a video version, which is being unveiled after two years of work. Adams says the book and video go beyond the message of teaching safety on the farm to tell how she dealt with the grief of losing someone, and how she moved on with her life. Adams says she expects the video to be useful for counselors and in colleges as a teaching tool. She says the core message of farm safety continues. She says farmers are good businesspeople and raise kids to be responsible, but she says the hazard is that the workplace, home and playplace are all the same on the farm. Adams says the danger isn’t just during the fall harvest. She says kids will soon be on summer vacation and wanting to ride four wheelers and other vehicles on the farm. She says it’s a balance between letting them have fun and keeping them safe. Proceeds from the video and book go back to “Farm Safety 4 Just Kids” and you can purchase them on-line at