While a federal report slams I-R-S help centers for giving taxpayers wrong or no answers to tax questions 43-percent of the time, a recent study finds those centers in Iowa and Nebraska have 100-percent accuracy ratings. Regional I-R-S spokeswoman Donna Migazzi disputes the Treasury Department report that rated the agency’s help staff so low nationwide. Treasury investigators posed as taxpayers and called I-R-S help centers and got correct answers only 57-percent of the time. Migazzi says she can’t believe the accuracy numbers are that bad. Migazzi says an internal I-R-S study found the numbers were better than that, 67-percent, which she says still indicates more work is needed. Migazzi says even a 67-percent accuracy rating is unacceptable. She says the I-R-S routinely holds “problem resolution days” during which people can come in to dispute being given wrong information. During those days, she says few people in Iowa and Nebraska attend, leading her to believe the problems here are very minimal and reflect the 100-percent rating.