Iowa’s Amber Alert system has been triggered twice in two days after non-custodial parents tried to snatch back their children from legal guardians. Iowa Department of Public Safety spokesman Lt. Robert Hansen says law enforcement is now 3-for-3 on Amber Alerts, but despite the successful recoveries, there are still some things to work out in the alert system. Hansen says the system has been moving in the way the committee originally prescribed it would, but there are some media outlets that are not accustomed in how they will be receiving the information, so the information has been missed. Hansen hopes the alert system will operate more and more effectively through time. North-central Iowa authorities Sunday night arrested the parents of 16-month old Steven Pennington of Northwood after he was taken from his grandparents, who were his legal guardian. Monday night, authorities suspected that four-year-old Tucker Hecht of Glenwood was abducted by his mother, 34-year-old Stephanie Hecht. The two were later found in Bloomington Minnesota.