With renewed debate and discussion on gay marriages, Iowa Senator Tom Harkin says it should -not- be subject of a U.S. Constitutional amendment. Harkin say “I’ve always believed that marriage is between a man and a woman, but I’ve also believed that contractual laws as such are best left up to states and the sacrament of marriage best left up to religious institutions.” Massachusetts’ high court says legislation enforcing an earlier ruling on gay rights must allow same-sex couples to have full and equal marriage rights. Lawmakers who oppose the idea say they may be able to craft a bill spelling out some “rational” basis to prohibit the weddings. They’re also considering a constitutional amendment. Harkin says that’s not the answer. Harkin says “I always look askance at trying to answer some evolving societal problem with a constitutional amendment.” Meantime, President Bush says he finds yesterday’s Massachusetts court ruling “deeply troubling.”