Western Iowa Congressman Steve King was on hand in Council Bluffs yesterday to welcome home a group of soldiers who’ve been serving in the Middle East. About 30 members of the 915th Transportation company are returning after 13 months on duty in Iraq and Kuwait. King says the soldiers should be thanked for helping preserve our freedom. King says there’s nothing better than to see the arms of a little boy or girl wrap around a soldier who’s wearing desert fatigues. King says he tells the soldiers that hug is also an expression of gratitude from a grateful nation. King says if Americans ever lose sight of the sacrifice of these soldiers, the country will be doomed.King says he sees a lot of patriotism and commitment among the soldiers. King, who is a republican from Kyron has criticized the media and other members of Congress for focusing too much attention on the Iraq prison abuse scandal and not enough on the positive things happening in Iraq.