Outstanding Iowans will get the recognition coming to them through a program of the Iowa State Fair’s Blue Ribbon Foundation. Spokeswoman Melissa Miller says it’s to honor people who set a good example. It’s someone who shows their “true Iowa spirit” through their public service and characteristics like dependability, integrity and sense of community. Miller says just about anyone can send in the name of an Iowan they think should be honored.You can get a nomination form from the foundation, or simply go to its website, www.blueribbonfoundation.org and nominate someone from your community — a friend, relative or co-worker who demonstrates outstanding volunteer work. Miller says some folks just send a note about the person they admire, others may send a newspaper clipping, other materials…even entire binders of material about the monimee’s charities and other work. Ten Iowans will be chosen for the honors, which begin with a gift of 200-dollars cash and a night in a Des Moines hotel. Each gets one day of the state fair dedicated to them — and on their own day, they get free parking, gat and grandstand admission, use of the fair golf cart to ride around in all day, and a free subscription to Iowan Magazine. For more information phone the fair’s foundation at (515) 262-3111 extension 671 or visit the website at www.blueribbonfoundation.org