President George W. Bush spoke today in Cedar Rapids, promising a more peaceful world if he’s elected. Bush said he’s ready to serve the nation for four more years. He says he’s got a reason because he wants to “continue make this country a safer, and stronger, and safer place for every citizen.””Oh, I know,” he said, “You probably think I’m going to spend most of my time here attacking my opponent. I’ve got too much good to talk about.” Bush, a republican, defended his foreign policy through the first 20 minutes of his speech. He said nobody wants to be the “war President, I want to be the Peace President.” He says he wants to be the President that after four more years in office people look back and say America is a more peaceful place. He says, “four more years and America will be safer, will the world will be more peaceful.” Bush spoke for more than an hour to a crowd of about three-thousand Iowans gathered in a gym at Kirkwood Community College, a room so warm that, at one point, Bush said a 12-day-old baby in the room “probably thought” they were in an incubator. Bush told the crowd America’s economy is strong and getting stronger. Then he started a talk-show session, questioning businessmen and workers who were seated on the stage about their economic successes. Bush concluded by taking about a dozen questions from the friendly audience. Then the crowd was encouraged to stop at a phone bank in the rec center, to make “get-out-the-vote” calls.