This (Monday) evening the Iowa Chapter of the national MS society holds an open-hours to introduce several new staff members, and to urge Iowans to “Have a Heart.” Spokeswoman Michelle Hamilton says the Valentine’s-Day theme was chosen to let folks know just how much the state organization helps clients and families. The society serves all of Iowa, with 4-thousand clients in the state who have MS — plus, she says, they offer help to their families, too. All funds raised through special events, direct mail and corporate sponsors will help clients, she says. 60-cents of every dollar raised will stay in Iowa, the other forty-cents goes to the national society. There are conferences for patients and their families, and Hamilton says the society offers support and the information they’re looking for. Some are aimed at the families of people who have MS, for example a kids’ publication called “Keep Smiling.” She explains a 100-dollar donation will pay a year’s worth of postage to send out the “Keep Smiling” newsletter and a brochure series called “Knowledge is Power” to the families of newly-diagnosed clients. She says participating in the society’s events can give everyone a fun way to provide that kind of support. If two people purchased a mile-marker for one of the MS walks, at 100-dollars apiece, the 200-dollars that would raise would pay for ten videos about the disease, as well as five books for the organization’s lending library. The MS Society sponsors nine walks a year in the state, and Hamilton says walkers get prizes, from T-shirts up to the “Golden Toes Club” for top fundraisers. The Open House tonight is at the Iowa Chapter’s office in West Des Moines, from 5 to 7 PM, or visit the organization’s website — at