High school baseball umpires can get their spring training over the next month in a series of clinics offered by the Iowa High School Athletic Association. Roger Barr is supervisor of officials for the Association and says the clinics are designed new and veteran high school umpires as well as those working at the Little League level. He says a lot of Little League umpires are students, and he says if they educate them now, then they’ll be better as they continue on.Barr says the clinics feature on-the-field training in which they go through the different mechanics used behind the plate. He says there are two or three different styles used. Barr says they also take them out and show them were to stand while covering the bases, as he says they feel they can get them to make a better call if they’re in the right position.Barr hopes clinics like these will help attract more people to become umpires. He says they now have about two-thousand registered umpires, but would like to get some new ones.The first of six clinics across the state is this Saturday at Algona High School.