The Iowa Department of Transportation is asking bicyclists and motorists to pay a little closer attention to the safety of the two-wheelers. It’s National Bicycle Safety Month and Kathy Ridnour of the D-O-T says there are some serious reasons to think about the issue. She says, “There were 13 riders killed on Iowa roadways since the year 2000 and many, many more people have been seriously injured in bicycle crashes.” Ridnour says there are some basic things that can make biking safer. As she says, “We always stress that bicyclists wear helmets, number one, since that is the primary cause of death related to bicycling crashes, as far as head injuries.” She says you should wear clothing so you can be seen day or night, and always ride with the flow of traffic. Ridnour says bicyclist should also be aware of the roadway so they don’t hit cracks or grates, and try to avoid things that impair your ability to see and hear things going on around you. As she says its probably not a good idea to use headphones when riding because it blocks out sounds from the rear when you’re riding. Ridnour says motorists also have a responsibility to keep their eyes open for bicycles. She says always be aware of bicyclists this time of year. Ridnour says it’s up to parents to teach kids the bicycle basics, and adult riders shouldn’t forget those early lessons when they hit the road.